EosFoxx De Pawn

That’s my main character.

  • name: her names comes from Eos the winged godess of dawn http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eos (Not from a camera or a car) When I searched for a name I really was interested in mythology and history, so I’ve choosen her because my char has wings and I love the sun and dawn. The second name DePawn comes from her partner Jaryic, as they became a couble she took on his name.
  • species: catox (cat-fox hybrid)
  • gender: female
  • temper: loyal, friendly, kind, tries to help everyone



  • species: island grey fox
  • gender: female
  • temper: energetic, confident, playfulll

my mate and I build a half-fursuit from that character in 2011.

She is my main character to participate in dance contests


coming soon


 Cypher came from a dream of Eos. And he would always appear in her dreams when she’s in a situation where anyone just would wish for a companion that does not ask many questions and mostly in winter. He scares most people away even that’s not what he intends. He is not interested in any other being except Eos and always stays by her side or carries her around the dreamworlds.

  • species: nighgtmare creature
  • gender: male
  • temper: shows no feelings except the companionship to EosFoxx
  • created 2005

picture is from 2006

 Other Characters

FoxxNoir ( a male darwins fox, he symbolises the opposite of EosFoxx, the bad, the chaos, created 2003)

Dreamerwulfin (a brown she-wolf,created 2003)

Leaf (a european wild cat, created 2004)

Cephos ( a light orange catox (cat-fox hybrid), created in 2009)

Awa ( a feamle maori foxtaur, created 2009)

Achat ( a gryphon – black fox + crow mixture, created 2011)

Monashee ( lady husky, created 2011)


pictures and inforamtion on these will follow in the coming months


All these characters are not free for use.