You have questions?

If you don’t find your answer here, please send me an e-mail (eosfoxx(at) I will gladly answer.

What is a catox?

That is a fantasy hybrid species between an european redfox and an euopean wild cat.


What is the answer to the universe?

42 and foxes are supperior!


About my work:

What is you favorite subject to paint.

Foxes and fable like settings around it. I enjoy working on details, such as fur, plants or clouds a lot.

Do you do commissions?

No, I’m sorry. I’m not doing commissions at the moment.

Do you do trades or requests?

I do very rarely trades and only with artists that I know personally, because I got fooled a few times (the trade partners never did their part of the trade) and sorry I never do requests.

What programm do you use for your digital works?

I mostly use photoshop. At the moment I use Adobe Photoshop CC.

What graphic tablet do you use?

I use a Wacom Intous4 (DINA4 size). I can highly recommend it.


About my fursuit and dancing:


How long did it take to build your fursuit?

I think about 2-3 months ( not full time of course, about 120 h).

How did you learn to dance?

I never took a dancing class or had an instructor. I simply always danced for fun as long as I can remember. When I still lived at home we had a big mirror in the hallway. And I remember myself dancing there in front of it and watching what kind of moves look good. And I loved watching dance videos on TV. So I guess I learned it there. 🙂